Before you begin construction of your facility, it is necessary to choose the site correctly. It should be suitable for the purpose of construction. At this stage we:

  • order an analysis of land surveying;
  • we will make a legal audit of all required documents of the selected site before the conclusion of the agreement;
  • prepare a conclusion with justification of all opportunities and risks of construction on the selected site.
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After choosing a place - we discuss the tasks, create a building project, prepare visualizations in different angles.

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We take over all the paperwork with the approval of the project in the bodies of architecture and town planning. We obtain a building permit and commissioning documents. We are engaged in registration of ownership of the built object.

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Each object is unique. Depending on the technical complexity of the implementation of the approved project, we will select for you a few working teams that can bring to life the idea conceived in the desired time.

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If it is necessary, crews can work in two shifts. Due to this, construction will be done ahead of schedule. We can take over the renovation work during the construction phase. So, you can enter fully finished premises immediately after commissioning.

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After the construction of the building for you, our Management Company can take care of all the everyday worries:

  • selection of tenants;
  • maintaining the sanitary and technically sound condition of the facility and communications;
  • comprehensive servicing of the territory (landscaping, cleaning of the adjoining territory) and premises (cleaning, delivery, adherence to the bandwidth, etc.)
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We send information about new premises, discounts, the progress of construction of active projects, announce the start of sales. Be the first who will known about great deals!